About us

Welcome to OMG Naija

We believe in the power of video as a tool to capture not only scenes and events but emotions. It is one of the best tools to share life and its experiences in a way that no other media can. To help creators live up to their potential and display their ability to do something amazing, OMG Naija was created.

OMG Naija is the perfect platform to not only explore and enjoy the content but also share your creations. We aim to connect the world through a platform that feels less like a website and more like a community. We want our creators to be able to reach their supporters directly and also have a launchpad for skill sharing. OMG Naija wants to provide you with the tools you need to make sure that people get to hear your voice, see your emotions, and live your stories.

Creators first
Our biggest asset is the content creators and musicians who use our platform to reach their audience. Providing you with every tool that you can imagine for bringing your content to life is where all our strengths lie. Whether you are an individual or a business, you can manage everything from creating events, managing your publications, running promotions, selling tickets to your events, and of course, uploading all kinds of content to reach out to your fans and audience. It is like having your own studio and shop on a single, easy to manage, globally accessible page. Creators can also use the marketline feature to make their merch accessible to their followers and fans. This also helps eliminate the need to manage your own ecommerce set up.

Challenge Yourself
We firmly believe in the power of using competition to grow talent. OMG Naija is a unique platform that lets creators utilize competitive opportunities to get in touch with industry specialists. Through our contests, creators can get their content highlighted in front of the right audience which can give them a chance to work with professional people. This can be a game-changer for the truly motivated creators and allow them to find their dream career.

However, the biggest purpose of creating a battlefield for creators is to inspire creativity. We want to be the proving ground for musicians and artists who want to be better than everyone else. A single platform that provides so much talent to compare yourself to is probably the biggest learning experience that any creator can ever get.

Our different contests, including PICVID, are a great source to not only share your talent but also support your efforts by connecting with users and potential clients. For agencies looking to hire talent, we also provide the option of creating a personalized contest where they can have the top talents showcase their content.

We have your back
OMG Naija relies on creators to run this platform. To make sure our creators have nothing holding them back, we provide them with all the latest technological solutions and tools that they need to reach a community that is blowing up in numbers. With easy to use and logical tools, you can not only have a keen eye on your performance on the platform but also see how your visibility is improving as you continue to bring new and better content over time.

OMG Naija was created with the sole purpose of providing you with the ability to showcase your talent. Our platform is ready to provide you with every opportunity to let your voice be heard. The questions that you need to ask yourself is, are you ready to shine?