Music Artist Booking

DJ&MC Talent
Booking music artist for birthday, anniversary or live performance just go better.  Find the right artist and make a booking find the right music artist to perform at your next ..

Photography Booking

Creative Photos
Find the right photograper to cover your event or project. whether you are looking for the right photographer to family picture, OMG Naija gives you the feature to find registered ..

Comedian Booking

Stand Up Comedy Artist
Explore and book your fave comedian for your next event.

Art Design / Crafts

Find the right arts and design talent for your event and projects. 

Food and Drink

Other Talent
Find the right cleaning service business in your area. 

Business Consulting

Find the right moving company to help you move things.

Car Rentals

Other Talent
Make health appointment and schedule hospital visits with your specialist from OMG Naija 

Healthcare Appointment/Checkup

Other Talent
Your health is more important than anything else. A healthy person can keep earning money so always put your health ahead of your financial needs. Find the right hospita or ..

DJ and MC Booking

DJ&MC Talent
Book the right DJ and MC for your special occasion.


Other Talent
Book transportation your special trip or find logistic company that can help move your product from one site to another. find the right transportation company to help conviniently transport your ..

Hotel and Suites

Hotels and Reservations
Find the right hotel to stay.