It is not easy trying to grow in the world of entertainment, regardless of the niche you belong to. With so many avenues of entertainment, standing out among a massive, ever-growing crowd of artists can feel impossible. However, no matter how large that crowd may get, there are always some people who come out on top as the best in the field. This is not a pre-decided prophecy that allows certain people to enjoy that high status. It is all about making the right moves and being in the right place at the right time.

Being an artist, you probably know quite well what moves you need to make. However, when it comes to the place you choose to showcase yourself, there are a lot of options out there. The biggest source of reaching out to your community these days is the internet. However, with most websites and platforms generalizing entertainment and artists with other skills, the competition is too tough and the challenge almost unsurmountable. In such a scenario, the artist focused platform that OMG Naija Online entertainment provides seems to be nothing short of perfect for a budding artist. There are countless ways in which you can benefit from OMG Naija Online as an artist and there are a few of those things.

Artist Oriented Platform

Probably the best feature of OMG Naija from an artist’s perspective is that it is all about promoting the work that you do. With so many tools and avenues to boost your presence online, OMG Naija makes sure you can showcase yourself in the best possible manner. This includes things like customizable pages, access to events, bookings management from potential clients, and so much more. The list of features that you can find to help you out as an artist is quite exhaustive. It really is the best place for you to go to if you want to get your voice heard.

Industrial Linkages

With a lot of interest present from big players of a lot of different industries, artists have a chance to use OMG Naija Online as a launchpad for something much bigger. You can go into the pro league a lot quicker through OMG Naija Online than you would if you were to keep knocking on random doors every day. With the ability to be showcased for different events from the platform itself, you have a much better marketing service behind you. This can expand your horizon in ways that would otherwise not be possible.

Interacting with Fans

The biggest strength for any artist is the people who admire them for their work and skills. With OMG Naija Online, you can interact directly with your fans and receive support in ways that most other platforms do not provide. Not only can you talk to them directly and create a circle of loyalty, but you can also use the opportunity to monetize your brand. With the ability to set up stores with your custom merchandize, your followers can support you monetarily as well. This can be a huge boost in confidence and morale for growing artists.


Arranging events for any occasion requires a lot of planning and if you are the one hosting then you know how stressful it can be. This is particularly true if you want to make it formal and make it available to the public as well. The logistics behind an event like that are quite massive, even if you are looking at it on a small scale. Being able to take help from a platform that can truly deliver on a wide range of aspects of entertainment promotions, booking and planning can be quite amazing. That is exactly what OMG Naija Online Entertainment platform is all about.

OMG Naija Online Entertainment has developed a highly intricate yet easy to use system that lets anyone create a huge event and manage many aspects online. This allows for a major burden of arranging and running the event to ease off from the host. Here are a few things that you can do easily on OMG Naija Online and manage your event a lot more effectively.

Online Event Creation

One of the best parts of OMG Naija Online Entertainment is their event creation option which is one of the most comprehensive tools available online. You get to choose all the small details that you could imagine setting up a manageable event. This includes things like artist booking, ticketing, venue selection and finalization, and so much more. The tool is easy to use and links you to all the relevant resources to make sure you can get everything in a single location. It also allows you to take care of things that you may otherwise be missing when managing all aspects manually.

Online Payments

One of the key aspect of events is selling tickets to the people attending them. OMG Naija Online allows event creators to manage payments completely through their platform. Not only does it allow you to reach a huge audience that OMG Naija online provides by default.  It also makes handling money a dream. Processing is quite smooth, and you can get your funds on time so you can manage other event related expenses as well if needed.

User Friendly

From a consumer perspective, the platform lets your attendees to easily buy tickets for your event through the website. There is no hassle involved and the whole process is streamlined by OMG Naija to make sure you stay aware of every attendee that buys your tickets.

Artist Friendly

Another great feature of OMG Naija event creation tool is that it provides direct access to a huge collection of artists or talent. Everyone wants to create an event that has its own specific purpose and the artists you hire need to be skilled accordingly. With a diverse range of specialties on the platform, you can easily find any type of artist that you may require for your event. Booking them is also a breeze and the platform also supports artists much better. The result is a smooth event management process that leads to memorable events for you and your event attendees.


The world is quickly moving to the online generation in every aspect of life, and this is truer about entertainment than ever before. With a global race constantly running to take the lead in the field of entertainment, Africa seems to have been struggling in getting the word out about its artists. However, with new initiatives, many artists have found fame in the recent years and attracted global attention for their talents.

But even with all that, there still remains the need to fill the gap for a consolidated platform that can truly cater to the needs of African artists and help them gain a truly global audience. This is exactly the challenge that OMG Naija is here to provide you with the tool to tackle, and from the looks of it. OMG Naija this could just be the platform to take Africa as a leading competitor in the global entertainment stage. There is a lot to see when you visit us at and some of the features worth mentioning include the following.

Huge Online Audience

A major hurdle for a lot of African artists is finding audience that can appreciate their talent to the fullest. With no real access to large crowds through big agencies, a lot of budding artists give up on their dream to achieve fame. OMG Naija Online entertainment aims to counter that problem by providing artists with access to a global audience where they can gain real support for their efforts. It is a huge morale booster for them and is probably one of the biggest factors in convincing more and more artists to showcase their talents.

Event Bookings

One of the most difficult aspects of providing professional performances in events is dealing with the event booking process. A lot of artists are unaware of how they are supposed to be managing their professional performances and dealing with clients. OMG Naija provides a highly professional setting for the artists to easily get booked for different events without having to worry about rates and other administrative aspects. The website makes it extremely easy to deal with clients professionally and get booked for different events.

Brand Promotion

A key part of growth for any artist is financial support and one of the biggest avenues to do that is through creating a brand. A lot of artists create amazing merchandise related to their work and fans often love to buy it to show support and loyalty for the artist. OMG Naija allows artists to sell their merchandise through an easy to manage MarketLine. They can showcase all kinds of products that they can sell without having to worry about managing the backend of the store. Everything is easy to use and automated to a high degree. All that remains for the artists is to create product pages and let the money come in automatically.

The things touched here are only the tip of the iceberg and if you look closely, you will easily realize how revolutionary a solution OMG Naija is offering. It is quite an understatement to say that this platform is taking the entertainment industry in Africa to the global market in a spectacular fashion!


Finding gigs online has never been easier. With the internet bringing the whole world together and connecting with each other becoming seamless, people can find work or workers with a click of a few buttons. However, when it comes to finding gigs, one of the biggest problems is the level of generalization you find on every platform. There is no real place for people in the entertainment industry to find work and people with likeminded focus. This can make both finding work and artists a huge problem.

However, with the development of OMG Naija, that problem is bound to be solved. The platform that OMG Naija has created is focused solely on artists trying to get their talent out into the world. With so many tools at their disposal, they can finally set themselves apart from the crowd and show their uniqueness to the world. However, there are a lot of practical implications to finding gigs online as well and here are a few things that OMG Naija is providing to address them.

Online Bookings

One of the biggest hassles that artists traditionally faced is managing bookings. With no real platforms providing a formal method, a lot of ambiguity and confusion came along as well. with OMG Naija, artists can standardize their rates, requirements, and so much more. This helps people looking to hire them find the right option a lot more easily and quickly. This can also help in making sure that bookings go smoothly and allow the artist to focus more on their work instead of handling administrative tasks.

Easy Payments

With the platform providing online payment processing for artists, they do not have to worry about payments themselves. It also means no time is wasted in negotiations and unreasonable demands since everything is predetermined and clearly stated in the gig details. OMG Naija also has a minimal cut in the payments as the big focus from their end is to develop a platform that is more supportive towards artists that other traditional gig sites.


With a website that is solely focused on providing a platform for entertainers, OMG Naija acts as a virtually free advertising platform as well. With so many visitors coming to the website looking for talent, being in the pool automatically highlights artists to their clients. This is further enhanced from the fact that OMG Naija also provides exposure to big industry players who may become a source of boosting an artist’s career path massively.


One of the biggest attractions that can lead to booking gigs from potential clients is the type of promotion you do. OMG Naija provides entertainers with a dedicated page to showcase their talent fully. Artists can customize the look of their page to their liking and tweak it to make sure they set a solid impression on people looking to book them for a potential gig or event.

OMG Naija is truly reinventing the gig booking scene for entertainers and it is a platform that can really help make careers.


Finding good artists for your events can often be a pain for a lot of people. The right person, with the right skills, available at the right time is something that very few people can manage to find. And the worst part is that this is only the beginning of the difficulties. Trying to find artists on your own can lead to a whole range of problems. Here are a few things that you may have to face during your hunt for a good artist. We are also going to provide solutions that can help you get past those hurdles.

Searching for Talent

The most obvious part of the search for good artists is being able to find one in the first place. A lot of people who want to find good artists for their events usually don’t know where to look. This is especially true when you are looking for an artist online. With so much information to go about, you simply do not know what to expect and whether or not you would even find anything. This can be frustrating and can really push a lot of people down, leading them to abandoning their search.


When looking independently working artists, a particular pain point for many people is the negotiation regarding the gig. Everyone works in their own way and you can end up facing some very unique demands. This can be quite problematic when it comes to arranging for those requirements. A lot of artists also require complete setup from the host for the event which can lead to some massive expenses as well. Avoiding them is a particularly important thing for a lot of people!

Venue Arrangements

Finding the right venue for your event can be very frustrating and sometimes artists can reject your choice as well. There can be several reasons behind that, and you need to deal with everything no matter what. Often, people have to end up going through their events without the artist due to unresolved conflicts and difference of opinions. Costs can also be an issue as you can end up incurring a lot more expenses than you expected simply because of vague policies from the venue owners and unprecedented use of services. The list simply goes on and on.

Online Platform for Bookings

In all that mess, you might dream about having the perfect solution on a single website like a hundred times. With websites like OMG Naija, you can finally do that now and avoid all the hassle of booking artists for events. With dedicated functions, you can not only find a reasonable price but also choose from a plethora of artists who are willing to work with you at a given venue. The best part about this platform is that it protects the rights of the artists just as sternly as it does for people making the bookings.

You can easily find all the tools you need to finalize every aspect of your event from the venue to the performance to the expenses that may come along. It is truly the future of booking artists for all types of events.

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