Why OMG Naija is the best online platform to offer music artist, movie artist, comedian a place to connect gigs


Finding gigs online has never been easier. With the internet bringing the whole world together and connecting with each other becoming seamless, people can find work or workers with a click of a few buttons. However, when it comes to finding gigs, one of the biggest problems is the level of generalization you find on every platform. There is no real place for people in the entertainment industry to find work and people with likeminded focus. This can make both finding work and artists a huge problem.

However, with the development of OMG Naija, that problem is bound to be solved. The platform that OMG Naija has created is focused solely on artists trying to get their talent out into the world. With so many tools at their disposal, they can finally set themselves apart from the crowd and show their uniqueness to the world. However, there are a lot of practical implications to finding gigs online as well and here are a few things that OMG Naija is providing to address them.

Online Bookings

One of the biggest hassles that artists traditionally faced is managing bookings. With no real platforms providing a formal method, a lot of ambiguity and confusion came along as well. with OMG Naija, artists can standardize their rates, requirements, and so much more. This helps people looking to hire them find the right option a lot more easily and quickly. This can also help in making sure that bookings go smoothly and allow the artist to focus more on their work instead of handling administrative tasks.

Easy Payments

With the platform providing online payment processing for artists, they do not have to worry about payments themselves. It also means no time is wasted in negotiations and unreasonable demands since everything is predetermined and clearly stated in the gig details. OMG Naija also has a minimal cut in the payments as the big focus from their end is to develop a platform that is more supportive towards artists that other traditional gig sites.


With a website that is solely focused on providing a platform for entertainers, OMG Naija acts as a virtually free advertising platform as well. With so many visitors coming to the website looking for talent, being in the pool automatically highlights artists to their clients. This is further enhanced from the fact that OMG Naija also provides exposure to big industry players who may become a source of boosting an artist’s career path massively.


One of the biggest attractions that can lead to booking gigs from potential clients is the type of promotion you do. OMG Naija provides entertainers with a dedicated page to showcase their talent fully. Artists can customize the look of their page to their liking and tweak it to make sure they set a solid impression on people looking to book them for a potential gig or event.

OMG Naija is truly reinventing the gig booking scene for entertainers and it is a platform that can really help make careers.