About Us


OMG! Naija is The Creators Network, a publishing and collaboration platform connecting and supporting a global community of artists. Founded in 2014 by a collection of artists & designers, OMGnigeria (OMGNaija)  re-imagines the future of creative work by providing a contemporary social community network and virtual workplace for artists, brands, agencies, publishers, and their fans.

At OMG! Naija we’re committed to advancing the intersection of art, creative opportunity and new media to inspire what only the internet has made possible for every creator. We believe that by empowering and rewarding today’s creators with visibility, influence and professional opportunity that we can embolden a generation of talent and transform the way creative work gets done. 


We provide state of the art platform for every creator and enthusiast to showcase their work and their love for art and entertainment.  At O MGNaija, you can manage event publishing, ticketing and promotion, upload photos and movies as well as have a personal or business page to showcase your craft. OMG Naija gives you the convinence of marketplace where you can  add products to your page and let your buyer find an easier way to find you.

Let your friends and follower say how great your product and services are   Write reviews and share products with friends or followers.

 OMGMarketplace is a convenient destination for people to discover art and event, buy and sell items.