OMG! Naija Marketplce for Business

About Marketplace

We built Marketplace to make it easier for people to buy and sell in their community. As more people started using it, we invited businesses to use Marketplace as a new way to engage with consumers and sell products.

Today, this community continues to grow as more business owners, marketers and salespeople use Marketplace to capture leads, communicate with interested buyers and drive sales.

Marketplace makes it easy for buyers to quickly find the products they’re looking for and get helpful answers from sellers in real-time using Messenger. With Marketplace, businesses can effectively manage relationships throughout the entire sales funnel and buyer journey—from first interactions and inquiries to the final sale. Below you'll find information to help you understand what Marketplace is and why businesses are using it.

Benefits of Selling on Marketplace

Marketline is where people can discover, buy and sell things listed on OMGNigeria. Here are some of the benefits of selling or listing your inventory on Marketline as a business.

The chance to reach an active, growing community

When you sell as a business on Marketline, you get access to a growing community of active, motivated buyers. Each month, millions of people are browsing and buying items online and your business deserves the same opportunity

With Marketline, businesses have the opportunity to create and nurture an additional distribution or revenue channel that can reach this community and support business growth.

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Real-time communication with Messenger

Businesses benefit from the ability to directly respond to questions or inquiries from interested buyers with the help of our messenger channel.  Messenger makes it possible to communicate in real-time with leads and prospective buyers before they lose interest or decide to move along and browse other products.

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Free listings

Unlike many other third-party maketplaces and e-commerce platforms, OMG! Naija marketline allows business to create and manage listings for no additional fee or cost. We only charge a one time fee when a business uses our service to list there product on our site (inventory listing) there may be cost associated with setting up inventory feed and other service based on agreed cost.

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Types of Businesses Selling on Marketplace

There are 3 types of businesses that can sell inventory on Marketline: Automotive, Service and retail & ecommerce.

)}>Dealership showroom
Facebook Marketplace for Dealerships
)}>Picture of a house at the top of a Facebook Marketplace for real estate professionals page
Facebook Marketplace for Real Estate
)}>Person using Facebook Marketplace for Retail & ecommerce businesses
Facebook Marketplace for Retail & Ecommerce Businesses


Marketplace is one of the most popular places in the US to shop online for used vehicles. In the US alone, more than 20 million people click on used vehicle listings every month. Our partners work with dealerships in 9 markets (US, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Brazil, Germany, Australia and Indonesia) to market used vehicle inventory to interested, motivated buyers.

These partners can help dealers in the countries mentioned above create and manage listings for cars, boats, ATVs and other types of vehicles. Partners can also help facilitate real-time communication with interested buyers byintegrating existing chat provider tools with Messenger.

To reach out to partners who can help your dealership start selling inventory on Marketplace, visit this page.

Retail & Ecommerce

Retail & ecommerce companies can also use Marketplace to reach more customers by working directly through one of our existing partners. Access to payment processing and order management tools, real-time sales insights and many other benefits make for an attractive additional revenue channel that ecommerce brands everywhere can take advantage of to drive sales and business growth.

To reach out to a partner who can help your business start selling inventory on Marketplace,visit this page.

Real Estate

Real estate agents and property managers can also work with our partners to list home rental inventory on Marketplace. 

Our partners work with agents and rental companies in 5 markets (US, Canada, France, Thailand and United Kingdom). To reach out to partners who can help you start listing rental properties on Marketplace, visit this page.